This site is dedicated to everything Family Farm Seaside related. If I’m missing something you want, just let me know! :)

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I am a very active player and remove neighbors that have stopped playing as soon as a bullhorn shows up on their farm. I also remove players that appear to only harvest trees and never have anything planted. Therefore I occasionally have neighbor slots open and am happy to have new neighbors that are also active, but typically I’m at 310 so am unable to add anyone.

My stats :
Farm Name : Ocean Breeze
Level : 138
Continuous Days Playing : 610
Achievements Completed : 67/91

You can always try to add me at any point. :) Leave a comment with your farm name if you don’t get the This Neighbor Has Reached The Limit message sO I can be sure I add you and not a random person. I would love to be neighbors with everyone!

If you are looking for neighbors to add I suggest visiting the Family Farm Seaside Facebook community @ https://www.facebook.com/familyfarmseaside

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  1. I’m having a problem with the game on my iPad it opens and then crash!!!! Help should I delete it and reinstall? Will doing this make me start over?

  2. hi is anyone having trouble with the sprinklers for the well. I’ve collected the required sprinklers but each time i press Use this error shows up —>” FAILED TO FIND ASSETS MATERIALS 142.ZIP IN RESOURCE VERSION.”
    and than the game just crashes. Is anybody’s having this problem??

    • Yes. :) Tap the Menu button in the game, followed by the Calendar button. At the bottom right of the window that pops up it should say Final Reward and an item in a star. For this month it shows a pink beehive, which I suspect is the Valentine Beehive, which was a prize for a Valentine’s mission last year.

      • Thank you for your response but you misunderstood my question … I meant for future months … The reason why I’m asking I don’t want to buy something such as an animal machine or building when their is a chance I will be awarded it in calendar. Thank you

  3. i find as i do missions i need RC, whats the best way to get more RC? also love all the info and time you have put in, i did notice no info on trees. thanks so much!! :)

    • Thank you! I’m always working on the site, and tree information will be added soon. There is plenty more for me to add and update. :)

      There are 3 fairly easy and quick ways of getting RC. Leveling up will give you 1 RC each time, and happens relatively quickly if you visit your neighbors every day. You can get a lot of XP for visiting all your neighbors and fertilizing their crops! Secondly, while visiting neighbors take the time to clean their decorations and collect as many cleaning bags as you can. When you open them you can get Mystron, which can quickly add up to enough to buy 1 RC in the Mystery Store. The items and prices in there change every day, so be sure to check it every day. You can also get Mystron randomly while fishing, so that’s another way you can try and get them. The last way to easily get some RC is to work on the easier achievements. Some of them are fairly easy and fast if you have the time and space to plant the crops needed.

  4. Hi, i’m a italian player, i’d like to share your website in a FACEBOOK GROUP, may I? Of course I declear that all this thing is under your property. thanks so much for your job

  5. Hi, this is what I’ve wrote in the FACEBOOK GROUP to describe your Blog. (of couse this is the translation version.. I’ve wrote in Italian language).. “Hello Everyone, I glad to post a very nice link, is a English blog where I have always found very interesting information, especially when I was a rookie and did not know the options and possibility of machines. In special way the section of the special missions with photos and descriptions (in English of course) .. and no translation errors (eg wheat / corn at the seventh step .. this is a problem in the ITALIAN version of the game.) is wonderful…. Of course all images and contents are the property of the author .. good navigation “

  6. Hi, my achievement house has disappeared do you have any idea why and what I can do to get it back. I have already tried uninstalling it and reinstalling


    • Did you get your achievement house back? If uninstalling and reinstalling didn’t work then I suggest submitting a ticket. Tap the blue cog icon -> Help and Feedback -> Report Issue -> and select Other as your problem.

  7. Hi, thank you for the time and effort you put into this site. I can’t figure out how to get rid of plots so I can make room for machines and I can’t figure out how to make a real profit. It’s going to cost 40K for my next expansion and I barely have 5K after planting crops and attempting to make profit. Do you have any suggestions?

    • To remove plots just use the Sell button, like you would if you wanted to sell a tree or machine. Tap the yellow arrow icon at the bottom and then tap on the yellow tag with a dollar sign on it. You can then tap on any plots you want to sell. As for making a profit, when I was working on my expansions I planted rice overnight, and then turned it into turkey burgers. They make a very nice profit and the ingredients for wheat bread I could grow during the day. Others that make a good profit are strawberry ice-cream (requires ice-cream machine) and love cakes (requires cake machine).

    • Yellow Mystrons are currently only available through the sales going on in the game. In the future there will be other ways to get them. :)

      • hi. i am a regular player but still didnt get any yellow mystron. i didnt see any sale as well.

  8. There were packages that contained various things for sale 2 days ago. It was indicated by an icon on the right side of the game. The sales have finished now but there will be more ways to get yellow mystron in the future.

  9. Hi, My cell phone died, and I got a new one, same number etc… Is there no way to get my farm back without starting all over again????? I do not know my farm id???? I re-download the app. and makes me start all over again, and I was at level 37, I think

  10. Im on like level 46 and I have no more regular missions right now. Will I get more once I get to a certain level? I know someone on level 86 so I know It couldn’t possibly be no more missions.

    • If there are no icons on the left side of your game then you’ve completed all the current missions. Some people choose not to work on them, or to work on them slowly. I know people that are level 100 that still have untimed missions to complete, whereas I worked on them and finished them ASAP. I’m level 125 right now and will only get new untimed missions when the developers have released them. Typically, as long as you’re past level 24, you’ll get any new untimed missions as soon as they’re available.

  11. Hi, is it okay if I add you? I really like your website and it makes me quite curious about your farm. My farm name is Briitt’s farm. Hope to see you on familyfarm seaside!

  12. I was wondering, is there any way to earn watering can aids? I know when you process some fish you get fertilizer. Thanks for all your hard work. When we get new timed missions this is the first place I come.

    • Watering cans sometimes show up on the wheel of fortune, but that comes down to luck. You can also work towards earning them through the daily order board, but there is no quick way to get them, unfortunately.

  13. I like your blog, is my spiritual guide in family farm seaside. My farm name is Granja Esperanza and I pleasure to be your neighbor.

    • I just removed inactive neighbors, so you can add me now if you still want to. :) I’ll keep an eye out for your farm name.

  14. I can’t get farm to load….it starts then stops….like freezes in opening scene. I have reloaded. Cleared cache everything….is farm just running slow today

    • There are known issues with the servers that are currently being worked on. Hold tight, game should work again soon. :)

  15. Hey Ocean Breeze.
    I added you two days back (Nene). I was having some problem with transferring my farm, so I ended up starting a new game in another device and I did send u a request yesterday (with a different name though), and now it seems u’ve reached ur limit..
    Here’s my new farm name: Ina

    • That information will be added to my site in the (hopefully) near future. The duck swimming pool is 2.5 plots x a-tiny-fraction-over 2 plots.

  16. Hello, Thanks for all the great information. I am coming up to round four in the cooking stand tomorrow any idea what they might be asking for ? Would love to prepare.

    • Sorry, I can’t help with that. The best I can tell you is to stock up on the staples on that are used in multiple kitchen recipes. That’s the best way to be prepared for things like this.

  17. Hi I’m trying to restart my game and even though i follow the directions given by the game when i download it, it’s my same farm. Any ideas?

    • Information about doing this can be found through the Help section of the game : blue cog icon -> Help and feedback -> How can I reset my farm (it’s the very last item listed). Follow the directions for whichever device you’re using. If it’s Android there’s a link in the answer to contact FunPlus, and you can ask them to reset your game (they will only do this once). If it’s iOS and the process shown doesn’t work, you should contact FunPlus through the game

  18. Finally finished collection mission. 350 cabbages, 207 peacock feathers, 112 veggie burgers and 10 pomegranates later…..lol. It seems that they could make it just a little easier to get the rewards..

    • In the future you will be able to use yellow mystron in the mystery store to get items such as old mission rewards, which is great if you want more cleanable decorations and/or like registering items in the Gallery. :)

  19. Hi, thanks again for all your advice. How does one find /add a neighbour by farm name as opposed to farm ID?
    I saw you only add with name and was wondering how. Mine is called cost-a-plenty. 😊
    Thanks for you reply

    • It’s not possible to find neighbors by just their farm name. I don’t add by name, I just won’t approve comments that include a farm ID. :) I can’t send neighbor requests myself as I’m at 310 99% of the time. If people want to try and add me they can always try to send a neighbor request, and hope they catch me when I’ve just removed an inactive neighbor or two. :)

    • When you download the app on a new device it *should* recognize your account and you *should* have the same farm back. If you don’t you can request a farm transfer through the blue cog (just have the farm ID of the one you want to keep handy).

  20. I was registering my chicken coop. It now will not close. It just keeps using corn to make eggs. It says automation on when I tap it. I cannot stop it. I tried restarting my phone but it didn’t change. Tried selling all my corn and that didn’t work. Any ideas?

    • Sounds like you accidentally turned Automation on. :) You should be able to tap the yellow arrow at the bottom of the game, and then the silver cog icon. When you do you should notice an On/Off button appear above all your machines and animals. Check your chicken coop – if it’s set to On tap it and it will turn it off. Let me know if this helps!

  21. Hi, hope you guys can help me out. I built a warehouse 1st level, trying to get an item out an can not get anything out. Can you help me?😀

    • Underneath each item in the warehouse there should be a Use button. Tap this and you’ll then be able to place the item on your farm. If there is no Use button, I suggest uninstalling and reinstalling the game. If, after that, there is still no Use button, tap the blue cog in the bottom right -> Help and feedback -> and submit a ticket for help.

    • Yes, you can have your farm transferred from one android device to another. Tap on the blue cog in the bottom right then Help and Feedback. Scroll down until you find Transfer your farm to another device and then scroll to the bottom and tap on the Farm transfers link. Follow the directions from there. :)

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