This site is dedicated to everything Family Farm Seaside related. If I’m missing something you want, just let me know! :)

All images are the property of myself, and may not be taken and posted anywhere else without my express permission. Thank you.


I am a very active player and remove neighbors that have stopped playing as soon as a bullhorn shows up on their farm. I also remove players that appear to only harvest trees and never have anything planted. Therefore I occasionally have neighbor slots open and am happy to have new neighbors that are also active, but typically I’m at 310 so am unable to add anyone.

My stats :
Farm Name : Ocean Breeze
Level : 144
Continuous Days Playing : 644
Achievements Completed : 72/91

You can always try to add me at any point. :) Leave a comment with your farm name if you don’t get the This Neighbor Has Reached The Limit message so I can be sure I add you and not a random person. I would love to be neighbors with everyone!

If you are looking for neighbors to add I suggest visiting the Family Farm Seaside Facebook community @ https://www.facebook.com/familyfarmseaside

102 thoughts on “About

  1. Will I still be able to go on my farm and continue playing once I’ve clicked export and whilst waiting for the transfer code xx
    Thank you for Ur reply :-)

    • I believe you will still be able to play, but FunPlus recommends not doing it. I think it can cause rollback problems (things you did before the transfer not counting after the transfer).

      • Ok I’ll probably finish the dinner quest 1st plus I’ve got my squirrel in the register house and that’s going to be at least another 45 hours so once that’s all done I’ll then start it all up xx thank u so much for Ur quick replys xxx

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