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Taste of Paris Timed Mission

Part I :
Harvest 40 Wheat
Harvest 40 Rye
Produce 40 Buffalo Milk

Part II :
Harvest 6 Apple
Produce 40 Wheat Bread
Prepare 20 Cake Flour

Part III :
Harvest 6 Almond
Produce 40 Buffalo Milk Cheese
Prepare 8 Honey Syrup

Part IV :
Collect 10 French Dictionaries from Neighbors
Harvest 40 Red Rose
Harvest 40 White Grape

Part V :
Prepare 12 Lavender Cupcake
Produce 10 Almond Cake
Prepare 12 High Tea

Part VI :
Prepare 6 Grapefruit Tea
Fish 8 times with Treble Hook
Prepare 6 Smoked Salmon Crepes

Part VII :
Craft 6 Rose Facial Masks
Craft 6 Earrings of Love
Produce 50 White Wine

Part VIII :
Place Gooseberry Bush (from Collection mission)
Prepare 6 Kir Breton
Prepare 6 French Dinner

Part IX :
Prepare 6 Pain au Chocolat
Prepare 6 French Breakfast
Harvest 10 Chestnut

Part X :
Harvest 60 Cranberry
Produce 60 Cranberry Pie
Prepare 6 Coffee Biscuit

Part XI :
Ask Neighbors for 20 Maps of Paris
Craft 6 Oil Painting Frames
Produce 60 Daisy Essential Oil

Part XII :
Produce 60 Blueberry Yogurt
Produce 60 Linen
Craft 6 Wooden Aroma Bottles

(Due to health issues this is the best you get right now, sorry)


Sharing is Caring Timed Mission

Part I :
Harvest 40 Corn
Harvest 6 Maple Syrup
Harvest 40 Tomato

Part II :
Produce 40 Cheddar Cheese
Produce 40 Wheat Bread
Produce 40 Cheese Burger

Part III :
Harvest 40 Oat
Produce 40 Rye Flour
Sell 3,000 coins worth from Barn

Part IV :
Harvest 6 Cherry
Harvest 40 Lavender
Prepare 12 Maple Tea

Part V :
Produce 50 Wine
Produce 15 Cherry Juice
Prepare 10 Coconut Milk

Part VI :
Place Black Pepper Tree on farm
Harvest 6 Black Pepper
Harvest 50 Pumpkin

Part VII :
Prepare 6 Fried Spicy Seafood
Prepare 12 Deep Fried Wonton
Prepare 6 Spicy Seafood Wonton Soup

Part VIII :
Produce 60 Love Cakes
Prepare 6 Sweet Mango
Produce 60 Pitaya Jam

Part IX :
Prepare 10 Coconut Pudding
Prepare 10 Egg Custard in Pumpkin
Prepare 10 Thai Dessert Sets

Part X :
Collect 20 Flower Blessing Sets from Neighbors
Produce 60 Lavender Essential Oil
Harvest 60 Alfalfa

Part XI :
Produce 6 Cherry Chocolate
Harvest 6 Bamboo Shoots
Produce 10 Camomile Baskets

Part XII :
Collect 20 Water Blasters from Neighbors
Complete 6 Helicopter Order
Craft 6 Lavender Aroma Bottles

(Due to health issues this is the best you get right now, sorry)



IMPORTANT NOTE FOR KINDLE PLAYERS! There appears to be a problem with an update that is currently available, which will cause your farm to reset. If you have already installed the update I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can do but wait for Funplus to fix the problem and then you’ll get your farm back. You could try uninstalling the game from your device, reinstalling, and then connecting through Facebook. It probably won’t help but it’s the only suggestion I can offer.

If you have NOT installed the update and have auto-updates turned on then the update will install automatically when you open the game. To turn off auto-updates on a Kindle follow these steps :

-> Settings
-> Applications
-> Apps (App Settings)
-> Automatic Updates (Disable/ take hook out)
-> Go Home

Do NOT install the update if you’re in the game and are asked if you want to.