This site is dedicated to everything Family Farm Seaside related. If I’m missing something you want, just let me know! :)

All images are the property of myself, and may not be taken and posted anywhere else without my express permission. Thank you.


I am a very active player and remove neighbors that have stopped playing as soon as a bullhorn shows up on their farm. I also remove players that appear to only harvest trees and never have anything planted. Therefore I occasionally have neighbor slots open and am happy to have new neighbors that are also active, but typically I’m at 310 so am unable to add anyone.

My stats :
Farm Name : Ocean Breeze
Level : 150 (Final Level)
Continuous Days Playing : 742
Achievements Completed : 94/108

You can always try to add me at any point. :) Leave a comment with your farm name if you don’t get the This Neighbor Has Reached The Limit message so I can be sure I add you and not a random person. I would love to be neighbors with everyone!

If you are looking for neighbors to add I suggest visiting the Family Farm Seaside Facebook community @ https://www.facebook.com/familyfarmseaside

I am NOT employed by FunPlus. I am a regular player. I can try my best to help with problems you may be having but I cannot guarantee I can do anything. If you’re having problems you should submit a ticket through the game – Blue Cog -> Help and feedback -> then check for your problem and submit a ticket if you can’t find a solution there.

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