This site is dedicated to everything Family Farm Seaside related. If I’m missing something you want, just let me know! πŸ™‚

All images are the property of myself, and may not be taken and posted anywhere else without my express permission. Thank you.


I am a very active player and remove neighbors that have stopped playing as soon as a bullhorn shows up on their farm. I also remove players that appear to only harvest trees and never have anything planted. Therefore I occasionally have neighbor slots open and am happy to have new neighbors that are also active, but typically I’m at 310 so am unable to add anyone.

My stats :
Farm Name : Ocean Breeze
Level : 150 (Final Level)
Continuous Days Playing : 742
Achievements Completed : 94/108

You can always try to add me at any point. πŸ™‚ Leave a comment with your farm name if you don’t get the This Neighbor Has Reached The Limit message so I can be sure I add you and not a random person. I would love to be neighbors with everyone!

If you are looking for neighbors to add I suggest visiting the Family Farm Seaside Facebook community @ https://www.facebook.com/familyfarmseaside

I am NOT employed by FunPlus. I am a regular player. I can try my best to help with problems you may be having but I cannot guarantee I can do anything. If you’re having problems you should submit a ticket through the game – Blue Cog -> Help and feedback -> then check for your problem and submit a ticket if you can’t find a solution there.


132 thoughts on “About

  1. Will I still be able to go on my farm and continue playing once I’ve clicked export and whilst waiting for the transfer code xx
    Thank you for Ur reply πŸ™‚

    • I believe you will still be able to play, but FunPlus recommends not doing it. I think it can cause rollback problems (things you did before the transfer not counting after the transfer).

      • Ok I’ll probably finish the dinner quest 1st plus I’ve got my squirrel in the register house and that’s going to be at least another 45 hours so once that’s all done I’ll then start it all up xx thank u so much for Ur quick replys xxx

    • Hi! I had 1510 charms Points but after the recent upgrade, it only shows 953. The new picking up and rearranging farm is irritating… I lost many of my Decorations for that.. Do help please!! Thanks

  2. I love your site!! I use it to prepare for every new mission. I would love you to be my neighbor. I sent you a request. My farm name is Victory Farm.

      • Yes, that was me. Thank you! And thank you for the mission posting. It always helps me finish the missions faster. I am amazed at how you get it posted so quickly!! (And you do such a beautiful job!)

    • I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have gotten the email. It might take a little while for your email to be added to the database, so if you signed up to receive emails shortly before I posted the new mission that may be why you didn’t receive it this time. I’m not entirely sure as all of that is handled by wordpress and I have no control over it. I do hope you’ll receive emails in the future!

  3. My game wants me to run an update. When I hit update now button it takes me to App Store. Only option is to open. When I hit open it goes to game and tells me to update. Endless loop. Not sure what to do.

    • I would try fulling shutting down both your game and the App Store application, then go directly into the App Store and look at your Updates to see if FFS is shown there. If it’s not, you could delete FFS from your device and then try reinstalling by searching the App Store for it, and that would hopefully install the latest version.

    • You get dev points for completing helicopter orders and for finishing the untimed missions on Island Farm. Just fill as many orders as you can and work on the missions. πŸ™‚

    • I added you. πŸ™‚ To Like your neighbors’ farms you need to be connected to Facebook, and when at a neighbor’s farm tap the little face next to their farm name up near the top of the screen.

    • Diamonds are a rare drop, but will only happen when you use 2 different explosives at the same time. For example, combine a pick axe and a barrel bomb, or dynamite and a bomb, etc.

  4. Need dev points in a hurry. Using helicopter but not sure I can get enough in time. Still need 357 points. What can I do? Is it still possible to finish mission with time left? Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

  5. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. Start stocking up on cheddar cheese. When you get the pizza machine you will need it πŸ™‚ Donna

  6. Hi,

    What is the new “feature” we get for that mini mission? I got the funny scarecrow; is that it?


  7. PLEASE HELP. I hit update and instead of updating my game it gave me a new one starting all over. I am sick.over this. I tried deleting the game and installing again (which I have done many times before) it keeps giving me back the new game. Please help me. I don’t know what to do. I want my game back.

    Donna A

    • I’m sorry, I’ve seen a lot of reports of this at the moment. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until Funplus has fixed the problem before you can get your old farm back.

  8. Oh, so it’s not just me. Wonder what went wrong. Did you get the update OK? I hope they can fix this and give us our games back. I will not start over again. I put so much time (and money) into this game. I love it and play daily. So sad right now. Hoping for the best.


  9. It was a small Kindle update and I play on iOS, so I didn’t get it. You’ll get your farm back, it’s just a matter of how long it will take, sorry.

  10. I got my game back!!!! It looks like they set us back to before the update. I again have the Christmas scene when logging on. Looks like that may have been what they tried to update for kindle users. Do you still have that or a spring scene?

    Any way, I am very happy they fixed it so quickly.


  11. Hi,
    I received two emails saying “password protected”. I don’t remember ever creating a password. Please advise.


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