Buildings : Instant Build

Order Board : 3,000 Coins

Cropinator : 1,000 Coins

Buildings : Requires help, no RC

Kitchen : 2,800 Coins

– 10 White Floor
– 10 Yellow Floor
– 1 Sink
– 1 Fireplace

Buildings : Requires RC to complete

Greenhouse : 15,000 Coins + 20 RC
* Can hold 24 Plots, Reduces growth time of crops inside by 25%

– 15 Pipe Stacks
– 15 Glass Panes
4 Ventilation Windows @ 5 RC each
(20 RC total)

Tree Greenhouse : 12,000 Coins + 15 RC
* Can hold 6 trees, Reduces growth time of trees inside by 25%

– Tree Greenhouse Pipe Stacks
– 15 Tree Greenhouse Glass Panes
3 Ventilation Windows @ 5 RC each
(15 RC total)

Buildings : Upgradeable

Water Well : 10,000 Coins, No RC to build
* Sprinklers reduce growth time of crops by 15%

1 15 – 10 Stone
– 10 Wood Beam
2 40 – 15 Stone
– 15 Wood Beam
3 70 – 15 Stone
– 15 Wood Beam
1 Drill Gear(15 RC)
4 120 – 18 Stone
– 18 Wood Beam
1 Drill Gear (15 RC)
5 180 – 20 Stone
– 20 Wood Beam
1 Drill Gear (15 RC)
6 260 – 20 Stone
– 20 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
7 350 – 25 Stone
– 25 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
8 450 – 25 Stone
– 25 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
9 550 – 30 Stone
– 30 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
10 650 – 30 Stone
– 30 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)
11 750 – 35 Stone
– 35 Wood Beam
1 Water Pump (10 RC)

Warehouse : 15,000 Coins
* Can store completed empty machines, animals, greenhouses, decorations
* Cannot store plots, pond water, ees, incomplete machines or incomplete buildings

1 Help from 3 neighbors 0
2 – 10 Tiles
– 10 Wood Beam
3 – 15 Tiles
– 15 Wood Beam
4 – 15 Tiles
– 15 Wood Beam
6 Paint (6 RC)
5 – 15 Tiles
– 15 Wood Beam
5 Storage Rack (10 RC)
6 – 20 Tiles
– 20 Wood Beam
12 Paint (12 RC)
7 – 20 Tiles
– 20 Wood Beam
1 Hammer (10 RC)
8 – 25 Tiles
– 25 Wood Beam
12 Storage Racks (24 RC)
9 – 25 Tiles
– 25 Wood Beam
15 Paint + 10 Storage Racks (35 RC)
10 – 30 Tiles
– 30 Wood Beam
20 Paint + 12 Storage Racks (44 RC)
11 – 30 Tiles
– 30 Wood Beam
11 Paint + 1 Hammer (30 RC)
12 – 35 Tiles
– 35 Wood
25 Paint + 15 Racks (55 RC)
13 – 35 Tiles
– 35 Wood Beam
10 Storage Racks + 1 Saw (32 RC)
14 – 40 Tiles
– 40 Wood Beam
25 Paint + 20 Storage Racks (65 RC)
15 – 40 Tiles
– 40 Wood Beam
30 Paint + 1 Hammer (40 RC)
16 – 45 Tiles
– 45 Wood Beam
20 Storage Racks + 1 Hammer (50 RC)
17 – 45 Tiles
– 45 Wood Beam
35 Paint + 1 Saw (47 RC)
18 – 50 Tiles
– 50 Wood Beam
25 Storage Racks + 1 Saw (62 RC)

41 thoughts on “Buildings

    • If you’re trying to make popcorn for the Stranded Sailor Mission then you will need the popcorn machine. It was a prize for a previous mission but if you do not have it, you will need to buy it in the Machines tab in the store.

    • First you will need to buy a water well. It’s in the Store in the Building tab. It costs 10,000 coins and you will need to ask neighbor’s for items to finish building it. This will allow you to place 10 sprinklers, which you can ask neighbors for, or you can buy them for 1 RC each. You can upgrade the well twice for free, just by asking neighbors for more items, which will allow you to place a total of 40 sprinklers. To upgrade it beyond that and to be able to place more sprinklers you will need a combination of items from neighbors and items that cost RC.

  1. Is there any way I can get rid of the beauty house or atleast store it in the warehouse? I do not use it at all and it’s just in the way.

  2. Hello, is there any current use for the Coral powder? I haven’t seen anywhere to use it. Also, I see that they no longer have the toy machine avaialbe for purchase, is this something you can only acquire during a mission? I just started playing in late April. Thank you!

    • Hi! There is currently no use for coral powder. The toy machine comes and goes from the store, but is always made available again if it’s needed for a mission. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

    • Each upgrade allows for 10 more items to be stored in your warehouse. Level 6 should be 70 items.

    • Round 1 recipes are Cheese Salad, Light Muffin, Spicy Fish, and Chocolate Pave. You will need to wait until Round 2 unlocks to find out what the recipes are for that round.

  3. I have a building the size of my kitchen on my farm. I’m sure I must have gotten it for some challenge. Not sure. Was when I first started playing. It is like a game to see what neighbors like my dishes. There are 4 rounds. Can’t put it into the warehouse. Do I have to delete it to get rid of it. Can’t see me using it.

    • That’s the Kitchen Table. Unfortunately it can’t be stored or sold. It has 4 rounds, and for every certain number of dishes your neighbors eat each round you get a medal. When you get 4 medals in a row you’ll get a prize.

    • There were only a certain number of winners from the total people that answered it correctly, not everyone that answered it correctly won.

  4. Good evening’ I had a few questions for you that I hope you can answer. After the Moon Festival is over should you get rid of Yi’s house?

    • Sorry for the delay in my response! Those sorts of buildings become useless after the missions are over. There is always the possibility that for some reason they’d be needed in the future, but personally I sell all of the upgradeable mission buildings.

  5. What is the purpose of the three new dishes in the kitchen? The ones that use harring fish? Are they going to be used in a future mission? Im just wondering if i need to stock up on them because they do expire and i don’t want to not be able to complete a mission because i dont have the dishes made

    • In the Cooking Stand there are actually 3 different sets of recipes to make, depending on what level you are. For players below level 18 their recipes to make for the Cooking Stand (round 1) include Tomato Relish. It doesn’t use Herring, but all 3 parts of a recipe come back at the same time, and as such, the Fish Pond was also brought back. IMO, it’s always smart to take advantage of whatever is brought back into the game and if you have room for the Fish Pond, I see no harm in getting it and having some Herring in your barn. 🙂

  6. Where are complete details about building the seafood shack? Can, t find it in search, wanna know how much help exactly, that it takes. Thanks!

    • The Seafood house requires 15 Blue Tiles and 15 Bricks, both of which can be asked for from Neighbors from the Free Gifts section of the Gift icon. I recommend asking your neighbors for these before you purchase and place the Seafood House, otherwise it’s just taking up space before you can complete it. You will also need a Wooden Crab, which costs 3RC.

  7. Hi, I just bought water can for 2 RC and watered the jackfruit tree and got 6 jackfruits but now the water is gone and there’s no jackfruit. Kindly help me, it took me a lot of patience to earn these two RC. Do help ASAP. thank you … My Farm ID is FBGPHDW and I have re- powered and re freshed my iPhone but to no avail. HELP.

    • If you spent 2 RC you would have gotten the brown watering can with 25 on it? That watering can speeds up growth by 25%. You would need to water a tree 4 times with it to get a jackfruit.

    • Are you sure the jackfruit aren’t in your barn? Be sure to check under the Tree tab. If they’re not there, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, and if that doesn’t work then the only thing you can do is submit a ticket through the blue cog in the game.

  8. I’m running out of room on my farm because I constantly need to add more machines. How do I buy a warehouse to put some of the machines and animals in without selling the items I’m going to put in the warehouse so I have room for the warehouse?

    • My best suggestion is to do your best to rearrange things on your farm so you can get the warehouse to fit. Do your best to get the warehouse where you’d like to keep it for a while because it’s large and a pain to try and move later on if your farm isn’t big. If you simply cannot make space for it, consider selling the cheapest coin machines you have (cheese master, jam machine, wine maker, baker, etc) and the cheapest coin animals you have (chicken coop, buffalo, angora rabbit) … anything that won’t cost a lot to replace. Build up a small cushion of coins to buy back the things you sell before you do sell them, taking into consideration the cost of the warehouse also. Good luck!

    • The warehouse really is a long-term investment that always pays off (I use mine all the time, and have it expanded to hold 120 items now), so I believe it’s worth the loss to sell cheap items in the beginning to get it on your farm. I wish I’d done that myself earlier on!

  9. Hi! Umm… May i ask you how much the water well cost now some of my friends that play family farm seaside says you need rc to complete it? Is that true? And the kitchen table does every rounds changes recipe for it to provide? And until how much do you need for the ranch expansion to the max? Please answer my question 😉 thanks 😄

    • It costs nothing to build the water well. You can upgrade it to place more sprinklers, but the first two upgrades don’t cost RC.

      Yes, the recipes for the Cooking Stand change every time.

      Expanding your farm to the maximum size (30×30) costs no RC if you have the time and patience to work at completing all the coin and product requirements.

  10. My greenhouse looks complete but it says it’s not. Does it have to have one set of crops grow before its complete? Or could it just be slow on notifying.

    • I’m not sure exactly what the problem could be but you can always fully shut down the game and reopen. What does it say it needs to be completed?

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