Welcome to your new Island Farm!


To travel between Seaside Farm and Island Farm you will tap on the new icon next to the Gift Envelope, in the top right.

When at Seaside Farm the icon will show Island Farm. Tapping it will take you to Island Farm.

When at Island Farm the icon will show Seaside Farm. Tapping it will take you to Seaside Farm.



There are new, untimed missions, when arriving on the Island Farm.



Your gift box has been divided into tabs now.

Some items in your Gift Box can only be used on a specific farm. When looking in your Gift Box you will now see the same icon used to travel between farms on items in there. Gifts sent from Neighbors, such as Wheat Flour or Honey, will be placed in your Barn on Seaside Farm even if you Use them while at Island Farm. Items such as Cleaning Boxes can be opened while at either farm. Items such as decorations, trees, and animals or machines you’ve received during missions or purchased in the Mystery Store, will show the Seaside Icon. They can only be placed on Seaside Farm.



Your Barn on Island Farm is separate from your Barn on Seaside Farm. Crops you harvest and products you make will be placed in the Barn of the farm they’re grown or produced on. Harvest clover on Seaside Farm, it will be in your Seaside Farm Barn. Produce Mohair on Island Farm, it will be in the barn on Island Farm.

You can transport items from Island Farm to Seaside Farm directly from your Barn on Seaside Farm. Underneath each item is a Transport button, which will take you directly to the Air Service Base window.



To get items from one farm to another you will need to use a Zeppelin, which is available on either farm. It doesn’t matter which farm you’re on, you will always have the option of selecting which farm to transfer items from when you open the Air Service Base.

On Seaside Farm the Air Service Base is located between the Fishing Pier and Fortune Wheel.

On Island Farm the Air Service Base is located at the bottom of the island.

When you tap on either Air Service Base you will then need to tap the farm you want to send items from, either Seaside Farm on the left or Island Farm on the right. Once you’ve selected the farm to send items from, you will be shown all the items you have in the Barn on that farm. These are organized within tabs on the right side.

You will then select how many of that item you want to send. A Zeppelin can transport only one item at a time, but it can transport any quantity of that item, limited to 24 hours of traveling at a time per Zeppelin. Different types of items take different amounts of time to transport, with each individual item adding time to the transport time. For example, sending 1 Grape Juice would take 5 minutes. Sending 2 would take 10 minutes, sending 3 would take 15 minutes, etc.

When a Zeppelin arrives at the Air Service Base with items you will see packages bouncing up and down in front of it. Tap the Air Service Base and collect your items, which will be placed in the Barn of the Farm you’re on. You will have to be at the farm you sent the items to to collect them. You can tap the Air Service Base at any time to see what items are being transported and how much time remains before the Zeppelins arrive at their destination. You can cancel a Zeppelin by tapping the small arrow on the right side


Crops = 1 minute per item
Tree Crops = 2 minutes per item
Animal Products = 4 minutes per item
​Machine Products = 5 minutes per item
Kitchen Products = 8 minutes per item
Collectables = 8 minutes per item
Fishing Pier Items = 6 minutes per item
Seafood House Products = 10 minutes per item



When you first arrive on Island Farm you have 2 Zeppelins. You can add Zeppelins to the Air Service Base by tapping the white slot beneath the last Zeppelin and fulfilling the requirements.

Zeppelin #3 = 25 Rope (Ask Neighbors), 25 Nuts, 25 Lag Bolt, 25 Nails
Zeppelin #4 = 35 Rope (Ask Neighbors), 50 Lag Bolt, 50 Nail, 2 Basket (2 RC each)
Zeppelin #5 = 50 Rope (Ask Neighbors), 50 Nail, 40 Wrench, 2 Coating Cloth (6 RC each)
Zeppelin #6 = 70 Rope (Ask Neighbors), 75 Nail, 60 Wrench, 4 Zeppelin Shell Cloth (6 RC each)
Zeppelin #7 = 95 Rope (Ask Neighbors), 100 Wrench, 50 Screwdriver, 3 Propeller (12 RC each)



After unlocking the second expansion, Plot 5, you will have access to Helicopter Orders. Tap on the Helicopter building or the Helicopter and you will see a list of 4 Orders. Each order consists of 2 items, in varying quantities. Most orders will require items from Seaside Farm, so you will need to transport these using the Zeppelins. Orders that are ready to send have a small green arrow on the left side, just grab the order and drag it onto the Helicopter. You can tap on an item in an order to see what it is. You can reject an order and get a new one in 5 minutes by tapping the Trash Can symbol in the bottom right corner of each order.

Next to each order you will see the reward for completing it, a number of coins and below that a number of Dev Points. The Dev Points reset at midnight, with it going to a higher number of Dev Points and decreasing after completing a certain number of orders. Dev Points are how you unlock new Trees, Animals, and Machines, as well as products you can craft in the new Buildings, on Seaside Farm. You can see how many Dev Points you have by tapping on the Level / XP Bar in the top left of the screen.

The Helicopter takes 20 minutes to return before you can send a new order. When it returns, tap on the Helicopter to collect the Coins and Dev Points.

Once you reach 5000 Dev Points all orders give the reward of Coins and a Gold Cleaning Box.



There are 2 types of Trees available on Island Farm – Fruit Trees and Wood Trees.

Fruit Trees produce fruit and can he harvested just like trees on Seaside Farm. You can use watering cans or rains/thunderstorms to speed up their time.

Wood Trees produce wood that you can use to produce items. They are unique because you cannot use watering cans to speed up their time, but you can use rains/thunderstorms so do so. They are also harvested in a different way. You will need to craft a Saw in the Hardware Store for every harvest you want to do, or you can purchase Saws for RC. Each Wood Tree you purchase has a certain number of times it can be harvested, and after that number of times you will need to purchase them again.



There are new items to register in the Gallery and new Achievements to work on, all of which are related to the Island Farm.



Now when you visit neighbors you can visit their Island Farm instead of their Seaside Farm. Check the box in the top right part of the Neighbor window if you want to visit that farm first, if they’ve unlocked it. You can see, and sort neighbors, by who has the Island Farm. You’ll see the same Island Farm icon on their icon if they’ve unlocked it.

While at a Neighbors’ farm you can tap the Island Farm icon up next to the Gift Envelope and it will take you to their Island Farm. If you’re at their Island Farm the icon will be of Seaside Farm and that will take you to their Seaside Farm.