Machines : Instant Build

Jam Machine : 650 coins

Baker : 1400 coins

Wine Maker : 650 coins

Perfume Machine : 500 coins

Sauce Machine : 3600 coins

Salami Machine : 5000 coins

Sugar Machine : 9900 coins

Flower Packing : 12000 coins

Machines : Requires help, no RC

Juice Machine : 900 coins
– 4 Screws (Get from neighbors)
– 4 Gears (Get from neighbors)
– or can complete for 8 RC

Machines : Requires RC to build

Fast Cheese Master : 15 RC

Coffee Machine : 15 RC

Burger Machine : 2100 coins
– 10 Burger Bar (Get from neighbors)
– 1 Burger Pipe (1 @ 6 RC)
– or can complete for 16 RC

Dutch Mill : 12 RC

Cake Machine : 1500 coins
– 15 Mixing Knives (Get from neighbors)
– 10 Cake Moulds (Get from neighbors)
– 1 Turntable (1 @ 8 RC)
– or can complete for 33 RC

Candy Machine : 5000 coins
– 12 Screws (Get from neighbors)
– 12 Gears (Get from neighbors)
– 1 Spring (1 @ 4 RC)
– 1 Spin (1 @ 6 RC)
– or can complete for 34 RC


22 thoughts on “Machines

    • The syrup dispenser was a reward during the Tanabata timed mission in July. It’s not currently sold in the store so if you didn’t get it from the mission you’ll just have to wait and see if it ends up there eventually.

  1. When I tap the screws and gears in the gift box. it said “Please start the juice machine construction”. Do you know what I should do to complete my juice machine? Thanks in advance!

    • You will first need to purchase and place a juice machine. It’s in the Store under Machines, and costs 900 coins. Once you’ve done that you can then Use the screws and gears in your gift box to complete the machine. 🙂

      • The screws and gears should be in your gift box which is the first tab, where it says My Gifts. The Free Gifts tab is where you can ask for or send items. In the My Gifts tab scroll down until you find the screws and gears and click on Use underneath them. Then you’ll tap on the juice machine picture that pops up and it will be added. You will need to do this for each screw and gear that you need to add.

  2. I need to make 2 more Gisela Cherries today but the recipe has disappeared from my cookbook. I made 3 earlier today using the cookbook, but now the recipe is gone. How can I make it to finish today’s order?

    • I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you’re trying to make. Gisela Cherry is a crop from a tree, not a recipe in the kitchen.

  3. Gisele Cherries are used to make cake with the cake machine. Any info on the jackolantern machine. Bought it and fishing for parts, saw something about 4 weeks to complete…?

    • I just made a post regarding the Jack-o’-lantern machine. That should have all the information you need. 🙂

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