NEW : Gallery Feature

With the update this morning came a new feature, the Gallery.

You will now find a large treehouse looking structure at the top left of your farm. With the Gallery feature you can Register machines, animals, trees, and decorations that you own. Each item you register will give you points and some kind of farm aide (OP, kitchen power, mystron, thunderstorm, rain storms, watering cans, fertilizer, bait, gas, coins, and even RC). Underneath each item you will see the points you will get along with the bonus item.

Different items take different amounts of time to register them, and once it gets started all you do is wait until it’s done and then claim it in the Gallery. You can only register one item at a time. The different colors around different items indicate the time it will take to register.

Orange items (same color as the pages in the book) take the least amount of time (but it varies by category, from 2 minutes to 10 minutes), then pink, then blue, and then yellow taking the longest (typically 60 hours).

There are 2 ways to start registering an item :

1/ You can go into the Gallery, find the item you want to register, and tap on Register underneath it. If the item is already placed on the farm you will be taken to it and you just need to tap on it. If the item is in your warehouse, you will need to follow step 2. If you don’t own the item it will take you directly to where you can purchase it in the store.

2/ You can tap the yellow arrow in the bottom right, and you will now see a new icon above it. Tap that icon and then tap on the item you want to register. That will then tell you how long it will take to register and you will need to confirm that you want to start.

During registration, you will see an icon above the Gallery of what you’re registering and the time remaining. When an item is done being registered there will be a cow icon above the Gallery to let you know to Claim the rewards.

There are 5 levels to the Gallery. The first Cow requires 250 points. You will then start from 0 points and need 650 points to complete the second Cow. The third cow requires 1250 points, again starting from 0. (4th and 5th Cow I don’t know yet). The exterior of the Gallery changes with each level upgrade.

Level 0 (working towards first Cow) :

Level 1 (working towards second Cow) :

Level 2 (working towards third Cow) :

So … why do you want to Register your items? Farm aides, bonuses, and to compete with your neighbors and see who has more stuff. 😉 When you visit your neighbors you can tap on their Gallery and it will open the same Gallery book, but you can compare what items you’ve registered with what items your neighbors have registered.


45 thoughts on “NEW : Gallery Feature

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  2. I have an Android tablet. It will not let me on my farm. It says upgrade now. I push that, it takes me to”complete action using: appstore, browser, super HD player” The only one that has connected me to anything is appstore, which says you have already bought this app. I’m afraid to do anything to cause me to lose my farm, rcs, that I. Paid for, etc. HELP!!!

    • No, it won’t be removed. You can sell or store any item as soon as you’ve started the registration process.

  3. I have two different farms on two different tablets. If I. Uninstall the game on my android is there a chance that it could reinstall the one from my kindle? Also I can see the new tree on the one that won’t let me on, so it is already updated. Still it loads, won’t open and says I. Need to update. Go to update, sends me right back. So trying. Loosing days, rewards and time finishing mission.

    • If you want the same farm on both devices you can request a farm transfer through the game. Most problems from the update for Android have been fixed, are you still having trouble?

      • I finally bit the bullet and deleted the game on my android. THANK YOU!!! It worked great. Even fixed my loyal player reward. Every time that I go fish or visit farms the timer would start over. I still have that problem on my kindle. I even get to the treasure chest, hit it and everything starts over. I am so irritated by this. I am on so much (my husband has threatened to hide my tablets). I have missed at least fifty , not an exaggeration, loyal rewards. Would reloading my kindle game help this?

      • I don’t know why I can’t reply to your messages directly …

        Anyway, I know some people using Kindle have had success deleting and reinstalling the game to fix the dedicated player reward issue. I don’t think there’s any harm in trying it. 🙂

  4. has anyone done the math? noway someone gets all 5 levels done starting each level from 0 , unless items that have already been registered in some days are going to be available again to register from start!

    • You’re right, it’s currently not possible to get all 5 cow medals. With the points currently available (1524 for all items listed so far) it’s possible to get the first 2 medals and be 624 points towards the third medal). As new decorations and such are being added fairly consistently to the game, I think it’s fair to say that eventually it will be possible to get all 5 medals. 🙂

  5. Hmmk. So why do alot of these things in the gallery say you can buy in the matron shop with yellow mystron. I’ve also see it say that before about the hedge letters. When the heck are we going to be able to get yellow m ystron? When are these weekly events happening?

  6. This seems to be the only place that I can get a person to answer my questions. Thank you. I have been paying more attention to the calendar lately and have discovered that I never get the daily gifts. The coins or like today, the 60 count fertilizer. On either of my tablets. I usually get the calendar item, just not the daily. Which is alot nicer. This is very discouraging.
    Is there a way to make using the RC’s harder, maybe store them until I need them? Same thing with tree water and fertilizer.
    One more.😊 I planted 126 carrots and only got 4 macroons. Why? At this rate the mission will be long over before I. Get all of them. 😞. I also accidentally used RC’s that I was saving to expand to finish blueberry jam. I know this is my fault, but it was way too easy. Getting very discouraged with the game.
    Thank you.

  7. Okay, now my sprinklers are disappearing. I thought that I had just missed a couple, but now there are lots more gone. What’s up?

    • Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling them game? If so, and it’s still happening, you should submit a ticket through the game (blue cog -> Help and feedback).

      As for the daily login bonus of coins, you won’t actually see them get put into the game. But they are being added. You can always take note of how many coins you have when you close the game for the last time before midnight, and then again after midnight when you open the game for the first time.

      The issue of accidentally spending has been brought up time and again with the designers, and hopefully something more preventative will be put into place. They’ve already made it more difficult to accidentally sell trees and decorations that cost RC by requiring the player to type in a word.

      How are you doing with the mission? The drop rate on macarons is random (typically 1 from 3 or 4) but there are instances where it can be higher. Try harvesting as many of an item as possible at a time, that seems to help me.

  8. I hate to bother you again, but I’m not sure who else to ask. The new activity has spooky pasta and chocolate bats. I can’t find either recipe. There is pasta with a carved pepper on it that looks spooky and bloody pasta, the chocolate bats are nowhere, including the chocolate machine. Help! I do love the Halloween changes to the farm. Awesome.

    • The Spooky Pasta and Chocolate Bat recipes will be in the game before the timer on them starts. It should be very soon. 🙂

  9. Thank you they did. I reaced level five to get more Halloween bags. I do get two–when I get them. I harvested 100 + corn and didn’t get a single one. I have to collect from 5-10 machines and animals before I get any also. Is this normal? I have also been fishing at least 5 or 6 + times a day, at this rate I will be lucky to finish the jack o lantern machine by the end of the contest. Really slow going on the extras. Help!

    • The drop-rate isn’t good for this mission, it seems. When it comes to crops I’ve had good luck planting and harvesting pineapple. I process everything I have and I haven’t noticed anything giving more Halloween Bags than anything else, so just process what you can and perhaps try planting pineapple?

  10. Okay, here we go again. And thank you for your patience with me. I have fished and fished. All I need are bat wings (I’ve had the cadle and cauldren completed for over a week). But what do I keep catching? Nothing, candles or cauldrens. Still need 40 bat wings. Have about 60+ extra candles and 20+ cauldrens. Lucky if I get one batwing every 15-20 fishings. Don’t suppose they will let you trade? Help!

    • Yes, the Dracula Wings are the thing that is most difficult get all of for everyone. The only thing you can do is keep fishing and hope they come soon! I wish me would trade, I have plenty now after finishing the machine and fishing to get 9 stars on all the Halloween Hook items!! 😉

  11. I noticed we have 17days left to register the farm alone decorations. Where do we get these from? Was this a mission I may have missed already?
    On FB it says there is a special package to purchase starting 18dec for the teddy machine……. I have been waiting for that and now cannot see where to get it from. Already reloaded my game after the update. Please help and thanks in advance xx

    • Ok, so today the farm alone mission started. Question answered on its own….. 😀😀
      I also noticed only now that the teddy machine is for starter farmers only. Will we ever be able to buy teddy machines at higher levels….. ????? So sad now….. 😢😢😢😢

    • I have also been wondering about registering the island farm equipment, trees etc. how is this possible please. I’m a neighbour of yours and always check your site when new quests arrive. Good job

      • To register items on Island Farm you tap the yellow arrow icon in the bottom right, and then when the new icons pop out there’ll be a Gallery icon above the yellow arrow. Tap that then tap on whatever you want to register. You can also access the Gallery book while on Island Farm by tapping Menu then Gallery. You can find the Island Farm item you want to register (while on Island Farm) and it will take you to it to register. 🙂

  12. I hope that your illness wasn’t anything major and that you are feeling much better now. Thank you 😊 for all that you do to supply us with the steps for the missions. You are really appreciated. God bless.

  13. Please can you help me? I have just done the bunny mission in the gallery and it shows a little bunny that I have ‘won’ along with the seesaw and 50mystrons and says to put on the bird base which I have but I cannot get it out of the page so haven’t a clue what to do now. So frustrating.please help.

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